• Agents of Socialization
  • Socialization is a life-long process that we learn how to interact with others. Everything we consider to be normal is learned through socialization – we walk/talk/feed ourselves, and behavioural norms that help us fit in.
  • Important agents of socialization – what’s used to transmit culture and pass it around. Agents include organizations and institutions that help us learn about our social world.
    • Our family, how to care for yourself, beliefs/values/norms, how to talk to others. How wealthy parents raise kids vs. less fortunate parents raise children. One example is trip to doctors – wealthy parents encouraged to ask questions, while less fortunate unlikely to criticize doctor. Wealthy kids encouraged to challenge authority, while less wealthy kids taught to listen to authority.
    • School is important. Schools teach life skills – don’t learn from academic curriculum, but learn social skills – importance of obeying authority, act interested, etc. Part of the “hidden curriculum”, subtly taught by teachers.
    • Peers teach us how to develop our behaviours. Contradict our parents at times, and influence us. Influence what movies/music we watch and listen to.
    • Mass media – exposed to a lot of content intended for mature audiences. Enforces gender and other stereotypes.
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