Eye Structure

  • Structure of the Eye
    • Conjunctiva is first layer light hits
    • Cornea – transparent thick sheet of tissue, anterior 1/6th.
    • Anterior chamber – space filled with aqueous humour, which provides pressure to maintain shape of eyeball.
    • Pupil is hole made by iris, which determines eye color
    • Lens bends the light so it goes to back of eyeball.
    • Suspensory ligaments, attached to a ciliary muscle. These two things together form the ciliary body, what secrets the aqueous humor.
    • Posterior chamber Is area behind the ciliary muscle, also filled with aqueous humor.
    • Vitreous chamber – filled with vitreous humour, jelly-like substance to provide pressure to eyeball.
    • Retina is filled with photoreceptors.
      • Macula – special part of retina rich in cones.
      • Fovea – completely covered in cones, no rods.
    • Choroid – pigmented black in humans, a network of blood vessels. Bc black all light is reflected.
    • Sclera – whites of the eye, thick fibrous tissue that covers posterior 5/6th of eyeball. Attachment point for muscles.


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