Our organs need to communicate with each other throughout the body to ensure interrelated functions can function and maintain proper homeostasis. Two large communicative systems in our body is the nervous and endocrine system. Generally, the nervous system is rapid in signalling and change duration whereas the endocrine system onsets more closely for a longer duration. This course will discuss the nervous system’s structure and the mechanisms by which nerve cells send electrical signals to communicate. Also, the endocrine system and its chemical hormone messengers will be covered.

The contents within this section closely follow the AAMC section: Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems: Content Category 3A

Course Curriculum

Nervous System
Nervous System Structure and Function 00:30:00
Nerve Cell 01:00:00
Electrochemistry 01:00:00
Endocrine System
Biosignalling 00:45:00
Lipids 00:45:00
Hormones 00:45:00
Hormone Action 00:20:00

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